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Why Join and Enroll

There are a lot of reasons to start Forex Trading, but what's important is to learn the basics and have the foundation to take that learning to the next level. With this in mind we want to make this learning readily accessible to everyone who wants to learn.


We created a curriculum that is easy to understand and absorb. We want that everyone will be able to adopt the learning presented and use it in real life trading scenarios. It covers the basics and up to more advance levels.

Online Coaching

We have experienced coaches available to support every student and member. These coaches are available for free coaching from the forums and during live group coaching sessiosn. If you need more advance coaching, a one to one session with a coach can be arranged at a cost.

Forex Community

Interact with other students and members in our Forex Community Forum. Get group coaching, share experiences and get coaching. Share what you know, have group discussions and learn from more experienced students or traders.

Join Forex Trading Camp and become a successful forex trader.

Here are some reasons that will make you a successful trader when you join.

Anytime, Anywhere

Our courses are easy to follow and understand and available online. That means you can have access to it Anytime of the day and anywhere there's an internet connection available.

Weekly Forecast

A weekly outlook and forecast of the forex market is made available to all members and students. These are additional resources that can be used to make your trading success rate better.

Cloud Powered

We are hosted in the cloud so that means better performance. We make sure that we are always available to serve our students and members where ever they are.

About Us

"Never Stop Learning, Because Life Never Stops Teaching"

Passion for Teaching

We love teaching and we get sense of fullfilment knowing our students are learning and applying what they've learned to become successful traders.

Passion for Success

We want every student to become succesful. We want to continue to improve and impart these to our students and make them successful traders.

Pay It Forward

We also learned from our own mentors and forex trading has helped us tremendously. So we are making these knowledge available to our students and members.

Our Team

We are composed of different individuals who are trained in different disciplines and not just Forex Trading. Others are of expertise are in Personal Finance, Accounting, Business Management, Marketing and Information Technology. All these discipline is made available and will contribute not only to our programs success but also each student and member.


Having my live trading account almost wiped out from losses, I finally decided to study and learn forex. FX Trading Camp has helped me gain a better understanding about forex. The course is laid down very simply and it’s very easy to comprehend. The fact that it’s on video means you can go back and replay the stuff that you didn't get the first time and watch them all over again as you please. You don't have to worry if you miss something, just pause and rewind. This is highly recommended to newbies and to those who would want to try the exciting world of forex and be profitable in trades!


The lessons in video are a big help. And it was explained in the simplest way possible that even those with zero knowledge in Forex Trading will be able to understand. After watching the videos you will realize how your skill is upgraded from beginner and can now go to advance.

Arnell Bolda

Their materials has helped me build a foundation on how to approach the market. Their tools are great that it needs a committed and dedicated student. Though I'm still a developing trader, I know for myself that when I focus on the strategies that I am profitable at, submit to time, practice, backtest, persevere with proper money management, time will come that I will be a consistent profitable forex trader. God Bless us all and happy trading.

Bryan Faraon

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